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25 years

MULTIFOX is an ERP 100% in the cloud, created exclusively for housing and civil works construction companies; to control and manage the day to day of a company, in a single system that integrates e it involves all its activities; managing to record and monitor all transactions that are carried out.

SECURITY, TRUST, QUALITY, COMPLIANCE, COMMITMENT, COMMUNICATION and RESPONSIBILITY are our main values, which have allowed us to become the best ALLIES of our clients.


Our trajectory

MULTIFOX 2000 SASIt was born in 1998 as a result of the needs of the construction sector to be able to control its projects and guarantee a profit margin proposed in the initial budgets.


The partners of the company, all builders, saw that in the national market there was no integrated information system that would automatically control and in real time each one of the construction companies' projects, and that, at the same time, keep updated online accounting of the same.


To satisfy these requirements, the need arose to create a technologically updated tool that would allow the existing model to be perfected so that construction companies could control their projects in an easy and effective way and thus guarantee their partners and clients higher profit margins and quality in their projects. .

Corporate values


Perfecting the existing model and designing new tools so that the construction sector can easily and effectively control their projects and can guarantee their partners and clients the margins of profitability and quality in their projects.



To become the first company nationwide and one of the most important companies in Latin America to provide the construction industry with the best integrated software for the control of construction and civil works projects.

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