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MULTIFOX CLOUD Controls and integrates each and every one of the administrative, financial and technical operations within your company, exponentially increasing your profits.


All this information, in addition to being an adequate tool to analyze the cash flow of each of our projects, generates trust in clients, since they have online information on each of their payments and requirements.

The program generates various documents such as: the quote, payment agreement, promise and deed, among others, thus avoiding the loss of time and money in wasteful procedures before public entities, involved in the process of buying and selling real estate.



Build long-term relationships and retain your customers, evolving your company with intelligent applications. The CRM will help you convert relationships into income with digital intelligence in each business from the databases purchased or managed by you from your quote or social networks. Present your client with a lifetime service by generating digital marketing for their projects.

Annex Resources

Integration with social networks.

Quotation in sales room.

Customer management, surveys, emails.



Document Generation


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